The Testing – Joelle Charbonneau


Great book! I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. A criticism of the book however would be the simple fact that it is a dystopian novel and nowadays they all seem the same, and lack creativity. The testing itself relates to Divergent, Maze runner and The Hunger Games. A love interest? Obviously! It is a little to obvious and cliché in some aspects. It is easy to fall in love with the characters, therefore it is a good read and does keep you at the edge of your seat purely for that reason, for the safety of the characters. The main Characters Cia (Malencia) and Thomas are pleasant but not very interesting. They seem almost too perfect, which can sometimes cause a bit of irritation, as the story becomes predictable.

4/5 stars

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You Against me – Jenny Downham


The interesting thing about this book is that none of the characters are likable, as you feel irritated with all of them from beginning to end. However, the writing is so captivating that you will fly through the book in no time. It is like following a court case, and you are simply in the back seat observing the whole thing.

The topic of rape is of course a harsh one, however I believe that it is important to talk about. The book isn’t sugar – coated, as it shows the aftermath of rape. The court cases, the accusations from friends and family, loss of friends, anger and much more. Same goes for the victim, as it shows how our in our society, people believe that if a girl is raped ” she was asking for it”. The aftermath shows the fear of the girl, and the destruction of her family.

This is an absolute must read! 5/5 stars

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Review – Wonder by R.J Palacio

 The book was very good! No denying it. However I had one problem with it. It wasn’t realistic in my opinion. The situation is sugar – coated, and although it makes for a touching story, it also defeats the purpose of showing everyone the reality of harshness within our society. On the other hand it could be assumed that this shows that people can change, and learn to get past there prejudice. Either way, the book was excellent, and I would suggest it to any anyone, as it was a fast – paced read, and fairly simplistic. 4/5 stars

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